03 April 2010

Weather Update

I guess you could call this a "Summer Weather Update." The weather has been positively summer-like the past few days. Since the second week in March it has been an extremely warm Spring. The daffodils began blooming today, and the grape hyacinths and tulips aren't far behind. Thursday's (April 1st's) high temperature was 79 degrees Fahrenheit - a cool 31 degrees F. above normal. Friday was 85 degrees Fahrenheit - nearly our first day at or above 30 degrees Celsius and 37 degrees above normal! Today's high temperature was a mild 81 degrees Fahrenheit - still 32 degrees above normal. This happened last April as well, but it was even hotter then. Amazingly, it looks like were in for at least another week of temperatures in the 60s and 70s Fahrenheit. While it feels nice, such weather can make for a horribly destructive frost down the road. We still have more than a month before the average last frost, but buds are popping everywhere.

Oh, I meant to mention the fact that last Tuesday's (March 30) high temperature was 38 degrees Fahrenheit. It even snowed for a couple of hours that day. Friday's high temperature was 85 degrees Fahrenheit - a 47 degree swing in just three days!