30 November 2006

Yet another weather update!

Today, high temperatures are expected to approach 70 degrees Fahrenheit in central New York.

The past nine days, high temperatures have been a minimum of 50 degrees Fahrenheit (many have been significantly higher). These measurements represent temperatures from 5 to 30 degrees above normal. In total, November 2006 had about 20 days of significantly higher than normal temperatures. Around 5 were near normal, and around 5 were below.

Ironically, September was one of the coldest on record. Despite that, 2006 is still one of the 3 warmest years on record. After November, it will likely be the warmest.

Global warming is upon us. Human activity is the central reason for the rate of warming, and the sole reason for the unprecedented increase in Carbon Dioxide buildup. If we do not alter our current ways, we will destroy the earth for future generations. Act now, we do not have time to wait.

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