06 December 2006

A Touch of Winter

Yesterday (Tuesday, 5 December) we awoke to a light dusting of snow for the second consecutive morning. This makes four dustings that we have received this year. Historically, our location averaged about 8 inches of snow in the month of November. This year (and the two previous years) we received very little. However, it appears that winter is on its way (for a little while). Forecasters are predicting that 5 to 11 inches of snow will accumulate over tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night. I would guess that they're exaggerating, and expect to receive no more than 3 inches. In fact, I won't be surprised if we get less than two. Nonetheless, I am excited and can't wait to go walking in the white stuff!

P.S. I'm am going to attempt to take pictures of the snow with my mother-in-law's digital camera. If successful, I can finally get some pictures up on the site!

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