30 April 2007


As I finished typing the previous post, I looked at the picture on my profile and considered my clothing. I'm wearing a Vermont Originals hand-knit wool hat, a 100% wool sweater that was made somewhere in Asia, a 100% cotton "turtleneck" shirt that was made somewhere in Latin America or Asia, and jeans that were made in the United States of America or México (depending on what year I bought them).

Despite the fact that they were not designer clothes, I paid a fair amount of money for the clothing in the picture. Further, most of the clothing was produced in "Third World" countries. In my opinion, purchasing clothing produced in places with less stringent labor laws is not living sustainably. I feel that the same is true with environmental regulations.

The point is that I might say I'd love to live sustainably, but I have little idea what it would be like to actually live that way.

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