28 August 2008

Oncorhynchus mykiss

This picture doesn't do them justice. The Rainbow Trout that my father and I caught two weeks ago were beyond beautiful. After hiking some of the Finger Lakes Trail, we decided to check out the stream that babbled next to the small gravel parking lot. Some old-timers had told me that the stream contained big Brown Trout or small Brook Trout (depending on who you talked to), but no one had fished it in years. When my father and I peered into a small hole, we saw neither of those species. Instead, we saw nearly a dozen small Rainbow Trout.

The next day, we went back to the stream with our fishing poles. After an hour we had fished less than 50 meters of the stream, but we had caught and released 17 of the most beautiful Rainbow Trout that you will ever find. No longer wanting to disturb such a magical place, we left, thankful of a wonderful experience.

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