31 October 2008

My poor, neglected blog.

Weather-wise, October has turned out to be one heck of a nice month. Unlike last year, when our first hard frost occurred on October 29, we've had more than a dozen since the month began. In addition, we had our first snowfall of the season on October 21 and our first snow accumulation on October 29! I've been calling it a "throwback" autumn because this is the kind of weather that was normal from the region's settlement by Europeans (about A.D. 1800) until about 30 years ago. I love it!

...In other news, the A.D. 2008 United States Presidential Election will be held next Tuesday. I look forward to an end to the election coverage, but I'm nervous about the results. Nationally, we'll find out if John McCain, the lackluster Republican candidate, can defeat Barack Hussein Obama, the shrewd socialist/messiah (depending on your perspective). I dislike both candidates: McCain for his foreign policy and economic stances - Obama for his disguised socialism. In reality, both candidates will lead the United States of America farther down a path to cultural destruction. Though I will not be voting for either major party candidate, I hope that McCain wins the election. As Jack Aubrey once said, "One must always choose the lesser of two weevils!"


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