18 January 2009

What has happened to my once-great country?

The federal government of the United States of America is no longer a government based on the rule of law. The election of Barack Obama has highlighted its transformation into a government based on the whims of man.

I do not blame Barack Obama for creating this situation - he did not. However, he did take advantage of it like no other presidential candidate in American history.

Obama's popularity - both perceived and actual - illustrates how the majority of Americans have abandoned traditional American political principles in favor of rhetoric about "change" and "hope." It also illustrates how America has abandoned Republicanism in favor of Democracy.

In a republic, the rule of law limits a government's excesses, protecting its citizens from abuses of power. In a democracy, the people determine a government's actions. While this may sound preferrable, it leaves minorities vulnerable to the whims of the people. For example, a majority could pass legislation prohibiting the practice of a certain religion. Should adherents of that religion be forbidden to worship as they choose? Absolutely not.

Unfortunately, the days of such safeguards in American government are nearly gone.

While many Americans believe that the election of Barack Obama marks a positive change, a thoughtful minority fears that America's "noble experiment" may have finally failed.

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