24 February 2009

State of the Empire

I didn't watch the General Secretary's State of the Union [Empire] address. However, I was eager to watch Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal's Republican response. Let me start by saying that I really like Bobby Jindal's record. However, that was the worst State of the Union response that I have ever seen. It was terrible in so many ways that I cannot begin to list them...

Since the General Secretary's ascension, I have casually followed the Republican party's decision-making. If the G.O.P. hopes that Bobby Jindal can become their Barack Obama, they are sorely mistaken. While I like Jindal, it appears to me (and a few million other Americans) that Bobby Jindal is merely "a poor man's" B. Hussein Obama. It's not that he isn't relatively handsome, good at public speaking, and squeaky clean - it's the simple fact that he wasn't first. Kobe Bryant may be as good as Michael Jordan, but, if given a choice, who wouldn't pick MJ?

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