23 August 2009

Browning Hi-Power

While in Pennsylvania over the weekend, I went to a wonderful gun shop and was able to handle a Browning Hi-Power for the first time.

(I have NEVER seen a Hi-Power for sale at any of my local gun shops, and have been told that they're almost impossible to get. That must not be true elsewhere, because I saw half a dozen new and used models at two gun shops in PA.)

In any case, I had pretty much narrowed my pistol interests to 1911s and the Hi-Power. I LOVE 1911s, and I hope to always have a few around. The Hi-Power is the only other pistol in which I'm seriously interested, so I was eager to check one out.

After getting over the excitement of actually coming across a Hi-Power, I asked the attendant to pick it up and...

...it didn't feel right. The grip was too thick. The blowback would take a bite out of my fleshy hands. Having had such high hopes for the Hi-Power, I was disappointed. I really had hoped that it would be a nice complement to the 1911. Unfortunately, that was not going to be the case. Right then and there I came to the conclusion that the 1911 is "my" gun. It would've been nice to find another handgun to love, but I'm a one pistol man.

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