27 March 2010

Too many good things tonight!

First of all, I came across this delightful blog via a link on TheGeekWithA.45's blog. A line from the author's biography struck me because I had the EXACT same thought a couple of weeks ago:

"The AR-15s of today are the Brown Besses of 1776."

I honestly think that the author may be a long-lost sister separated at birth, because she seems to convey her identical thoughts using the exact phrasing and syntax that I do (rather, would, if I wrote more often).

Before I found the "Politics, Guns & Beer" website, I had been checking out TheGeekWithA.45's blog when I came across this quote:

As a libertarian, it is my view that people are free to fling themselves off cliffs all they want, but they aren't allowed to tie ropes around my ankles so as to take me with them."

Well said.

It's moments like this that help me get through these political times without becoming a news story. Thank God that there are others out there like me. It gives me hope for the future.

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