23 March 2007

A Convenient Lie

Lately, one thing that has been driving me nuts is the Republican media's offensive against global warming. Every time I've turned on the radio, I've heard a Rush Limbaugh type talking about how: (1) global warming is not a big deal and (2) humans have nothing to do with it. The assault began after a number of reputable organizations conceded that the opposite is true. The fact is, the Republicans came up with "A Convenient Lie" to try to save face.

I don't know what these idiot Republicans are thinking. They remind me of:

- the Catholic Church when it locked up Galileo
- the state of Tennessee when it outlawed teaching evolution
- Michael Jackson when he denied having plastic surgery

I'm not doing a good job of expressing what I'd like to say. The bottom line is that you Republicans better watch out, because I elect you, and I am pissed.

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