11 September 2007

It's been one week since you looked at me...

Wow, it's been a week since I've visited the old web log. Teaching sure has cut down on my posting, not to mention my blog reading.

Things are going well at work. It's awesome to be back in the classroom; I feel like a new man-child.

Things at home are well...but hectic. I think that our oldest pup had a stroke tonight. (She's 14.5 years old) She was fine, and then all of a sudden she jumped up (she hasn't jumped in about 2 years) and started running around the house, peeing all over everything, and barking her head off. Aside from the peeing all over everything, it was way out of character. We let her out, figuring that if she was going to let everything go we'd rather it be in the yard. Well, she proceeded to run around one of the barns - in a gear that I'd thought she'd lost - five consecutive times. Then she decided to run away, and I had to chase her down before she could make the brush. I was able to catch her and calm her down, but she was still a little nuts. I brought her back inside where she trotted around the house until we put some food in front of her... She seems "okay" now, but she obviously experienced something major.

I'm thinking stroke because one of her ears looked "paralyzed" in a position farther back than usual, but I'm certainly not a veterinarian and it could have been anything.

I had already made peace with her inevitable departure (she had a very different, but equally frightening episode more than a year ago), but the whole thing is REALLY hard on my wife. The two of them have been together since Lady was born, and my wife was only 10.

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Cubby said...

Poor Lady. I hope she's okay for a while yet.