11 September 2007

A Trip to Vermont???

My best friend is supposed to get leave from the Army in a couple of weeks, at which time he'll go home to Vermont to visit his family. I wanted to go, but my wife wasn't keen on the idea. (It's a 7-8 hour drive to his place) I last saw him in January when he was headed out west to his new station.

It's very very odd, but I've been thinking about high school a lot the past week. It obviously has to do with the fact that I'm in a high school all day, but I didn't think about it back when I was student- or substitute teaching.

I'm seriously considering going to Vermont - despite my wife's objections - and spending a day with my friend. I really haven't had any male companionship since he went into the Army, and that was three years ago. I'm thinking that sometimes you just need someone that knows where you're coming from - someone who isn't your wife. I feel guilty about it, but there are some things that I don't feel comfortable discussing with her. They aren't important things, just stupid things from my younger days.

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Kel said...

Hey You,
I think Vermont sounds great, too bad the other half isn't keen. But, guys need "guy" time just like girls need "girl" time. I hope you can go.

As for your poor dog, that's too bad. I hope she's alright. It's rough losing animals. We lost on of our cats last year. Ross had had him for 14 years as well. Anyway, good luck with that :)

We're still trucking away in Qatar. At least the weather is starting to be a little more enjoyable!