13 November 2007

Harry Connick, Junior is awesome.

The title has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

We had the first instance of snow sticking on Saturday morning. It snowed during the late afternoon and evening hours on Friday, and there was a thin layer of white on the deck, cars, and in the driveway the next morning. It was gone within a half an hour of daybreak, but it was still good to see it while it lasted.

The snow didn't count as the first snow accumulation of the season since it amounted to something less than 5% total snow cover. Still, it was the first day with some snow cover.

On Sunday morning it got down to -5.6 degrees C. (22 degrees F.) So far, that's been the coldest morning of the season. ...Not a bad start for early November.

...The rifle hunting season for White-tailed Deer begins Saturday. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to put some meat in the freezer. This will be the first year that we've been allowed to use rifles to hunt deer in a long time (more than 50 years). I'm hoping to break in my new Ruger Model 77 (.270 Winchester) with a nice Odocoileus virginianus...

I've been processing other things, but I'll wait to post my thoughts on another post.


threecollie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

the Red Scot said...

Thanks, threecollie. I hope your family had a wonderful holiday!