29 October 2007

Still thinking about the bear...

I'm still thinking about the bear - that was really cool...

Incredibly, it snowed a few times during the day on Sunday.

We finally had a frost cold enough to kill the tomatoes. It was -1 Celsius on Monday morning - the first sub-zero weather of the season. It was the latest first frost ever recorded in our community, beating 2005 by one day.

From the last hard frost of spring (2007 May 14) to the first hard frost on Monday, we had 167 consecutive frost-free days. That's 16 more than 2006, despite the fact that this year's last spring frost occurred a week later than last year's!

Autumn 2007's weather statistics are as follows:

First light frost: 2007 September 17
First hard frost: 2007 October 29
First snow: 2007 October 28
First snow accumulation: ????

2007 growing season: 167 consecutive frost-free days.

2006's information:

First light frost: 2006 September 29
First hard frost: 2006 October 06
First snow: 2006 October 29
First snow accumulation: 2006 November 02

2006 growing season: 151 consecutive frost-free days.

2005's information:

First light frost: 2005 October 20
First hard frost: 2005 Octoboer 28
First snow: 2005 October 25
First snow accumulation: 2005 November ??

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threecollie said...

We were late this year with first frost too, but for some reason we got a frost in June so way down here in the river valley, our season was shorter. odd