27 March 2008

Interesting Weather

It's raining at the house, but up at the highest point on the farm it's snowing. I just drove home from filling up the car and it was snowing at 1500 feet, snowing but not sticking at 1400 feet, and raining at the house (1150 feet). We're supposed to get between 5 and 10 cm of snow tonight, a pretty good amount for this time of year.

It's been an abnormally cool March. I don't think that we have had one day with a high temperature above 45 degrees F., which is the average high temperature during the middle of the month. I've loved the weather, though another 10 degrees F. colder would've lengthened the hockey season by three or four weeks.

The Crocus ancyrensis 'Golden Bunch' started blooming on March 21 - a full week later than last year. Ironically, the Crocus chrysanthus 'Blue Pearl' started blooming on March 24 - two days earlier than last year. The Crocus tomasinianus 'Ruby Giant' plants look like they need another two or three warm, sunny days. The Crocus sieberi sublimus 'Tricolor' plants look like they need another week or more of warm days.

Other than the cooler than average weather, it appears to be a rather typical spring!

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Anonymous said...

We ended up getting 15 cm of snow last night - tied for our largest snowfall this winter! It is beautiful out this morning, and good to see snow covering the ground again.