16 May 2009

Hockey Pond

So I've just about given up on creating a high-quality hockey pond on my property. It seems that we just don't have a good spot for one. Faced with this realization, I'm getting serious about Plan B: build a backyard rink.

As every inch of my property is hopelessly sloped, I'm going to have to grade an area to make it level enough for a rink. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to take out some overgrown vineyard before I can do that. Convincing my wife to let me clear the patch that I have chosen may be tricky. It's the most level place on our property and right next to our backyard. Unfortunately, it's a section of vineyard that she had hoped to put back into production. I'm afraid I'll have to bribe her...

In any case, I'm looking at putting in a rectangular rink measuring 14 meters (about 46 feet) by 8 meters (about 26 feet). Ideally I'd construct a rink 15 meters x 10 meters, but my best liner option is only 32 feet x 100 feet. This way I'll get two liners out of one roll of plastic, halving my cost.

I want to make a metal goal, but I'll look into that after the school year has ended. For now, I'm ordering the plastic for the liner, planning how to make the boards, and beginning clearing of the vineyard. Now that I have a definite plan for this winter, I'm psyched!

Wish me luck!

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