24 May 2009

Libertarian Republicans the last best hope on Earth?

I believe that the Libertarian Republicans are the last hope for the Republican Party (and the United States of America). For reasons that I don't fully understand, many "George W. Bush Republicans" have dismissed the Libertarians within their party. Today I opened an e-mail that seeks to refute those "Neoconservatives."

I'm serious folks, join the Ron Paul Revolution.


Eric Dondero said...

Ron Paul is neither a Libertarian nor a Republican. Yes, he's good on economics. But his views on foreign policy run entirely opposite of the correct libertarian view, of opposing Islamo-Fascism.

And he's not even a good Republican. Last week he voted for Nancy Pelosi, and against every single one of his GOP colleagues in the House.

We Libertarian Republicans no longer consider him to be one of us.

Eric Dondero, Publisher
Libertarian Republican

the Red Scot said...

Ron Paul does oppose Islamo-Fascism - he chooses to oppose it from a defensive (opposing it on US soil) rather than an offensive (taking the fight overseas) position. Why? Because Ron Paul is opposed to imperialism.

Ron Paul voted to protect Nancy Pelosi because he opposes partisan politics. What good can come from exposing the fact that Pelosi misled reporters? Who cares? It's like a cop pulling someone over for having a license plate light out - it's ridiculous and petty.

The Republican Party will disintegrate if it continues to follow the path of imperialism and partisanship.