30 July 2007


At the risk of ticking some people off, I'm with Fred.

***20 minutes later***

I've thought about it and I want to make something clear. "I'm with Fred" because, in my opinion, he is the candidate least likely to expand the power of government. I may be wrong in this belief (if he's anything like George W. Bush), but only time can tell.

Let me preface the following paragraphs by saying that ALL politicians are out for themselves.

As an American who believes in limited government, I generally vote Republican. However, I also believe that human activity (namely our reliance on the burning of fossil fuels) is the primary reason for global climate change. This scares the heck out of me, and I strongly support legislation to reduce our impact on the environment.

That being said, you can see my political predicament.

If I vote Republican, I (used to) get representatives who favor small government, individual freedoms, personal responsibility, and the destruction of our environment.

If I vote Democrat, I get representatives who are more likely to do something about the environment but want to tax the heck out of me and make me dependent on them.

What I want is a party that promotes small government, individual freedoms, personal responsibility, and environmental protection. I understand that my preference for small government is at odds with the notion of environmental regulations, but I guess we'll just have to live with that contradiction...

Now wasn't that fun!?!?


Cubby said...

I think republicans only talk about small government, but don't deliver.

the Red Scot said...

Certainly the case the last decade or so!