02 July 2007

A View to the Heavens

This late afternoon "sunset" was mesmerizing. I felt like I was gazing at the heights of the Himalaya.


~~ Melissa said...

I particularly love the final pic. That's the sort of image that had me believing one could walk on clouds when I was a child.

Gardenista said...

Nice pictures! Thanks for reading my garden blog. To answer your question: I grow a red and white Aquilegia x caerulea "Coral Star", and an "Origami Blue and White" and I believe my tall pink double-flowered one is an Aquilegia vulgaris "Nora Barlow". The rest are unknowns. Altogether though, the columbines cross and self-seed and sometimes come from the garden center without labels. I have yet to get an alpine aquilegia or the variegated foliage types. I hope the songbird series seedlings will be nice.