30 October 2006

Where did it go?

Where did the weekend go? I had planned on planting the rest of my bulbs on Saturday and Sunday. It's Monday and the bulbs are still on my kitchen table.

Despite the lack of progress, it was still a good weekend. Sunday produced the first snow of the year. (on our farm; I had already seen some at work)

In addition, I was able to mow the weed bed-errr...vegetable garden-in preparation for tilling in the Spring.

Regarding this year's "firsts," here are the statistics:

First light frost: 29 September
First hard frost: 6 October
First snow: 29 October
First snow accumulation: ??? (2 November)

I haven't found the date of this year's last frost (I misplaced my information folder). However, I believe that it was 7 May. I do remember that it was well below freezing.

If I use the above dates, there were 151 consecutive frost-free days in the 2006 growing season.

Last Autumn, the dates were as follows:

First light frost: 20 October
First hard frost: 28 October
First snow: 25 October
First snow accumulation: ??? (in that missing information folder)
Snow on Christmas? Sort of. There was slush on the ground that morning, but it was gone by evening. It was in the 40s and rained all day...

I think that's enough weather reporting for one posting...

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