07 May 2007

Weather Update

Through 07 May A.D. 2007:

Days with snow cover: 100
Days with complete snow cover: 67
Total snowfall: 59 inches (150 centimeters)
Maximum snow depth: 24 inches (60 centimeters)
Lowest temperature: -2° Fahrenheit (-19° Celsius)
Latest date with complete snow cover: 17 April A.D. 2007
Latest date with any snow cover: 19 April A.D. 2007
Latest date with any snowfall: 17 April A.D. 2007
Latest hard frost: 04 May A.D. 2007
Latest light frost: 07 May A.D. 2007

I think that we've seen the last sub-freezing temperatures of the season. I haven't decided whether I'll make weather updates during the summer. I've toyed with the idea of recording the number of days above 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit)...

Since 29 April A.D. 2007, The Weather Channel reports that we have received 0.22 inches (5.59 millimeters) of precipitation. While we've had dews or frosts every night, it has still become bone dry outside. Such weather is bizarre for this time of year, because May is supposed to be one of our wetter months. Normally I wouldn't worry about the dryness, but, aside from three days with precipition chances from 30 to 50%, we are forecast to have (at least) another 10 days without rain.

In the three summers that I have lived here, two have been marked by significantly wetter than normal conditions. These were separated by one of the driest summers in the area's recorded history. That year started like this one, but I hope it ends differently.

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