10 October 2007

Finally...a change!

In the past 23 days, we've had...

2 days where the high temp. was 2 degrees (Fahrenheit) below the historical average
2 days where the high temp. met the historical average
19 days where the high temp. was at least 10 degrees above the historical average.

During that time, we've set more than 10 record highs. Many of those beat previous records by 3+ degrees.

For someone who loves Autumn and cool weather, it was horrible.

The good news is that a change is in store...

Tomorrow is supposed to mark the start of at least a week of temperatures near normal. In fact, we might even begin having light frosts in the morning - about that, my father-in-law says that, prior to 2005, he can't remember not having a hard frost by October 10. At this point, it looks like we'll be without one until at least October 20.

In any case, thank God that the weather is improving. There is only so much 80+ degree weather a person can take in late September and October. I continue to try to convince my wife that it's time to move north, but she continues to tell me I'm crazy! :-)


Gardenista said...

Further north, huh? Coastal Alaska could be nice and you could still stay on American soil! Apparently we are to have above average temps until Oct. 20th. In my records, the first snowstorm last year was Oct. 12 and first snowmobiling in 2004 was Oct 19th!

the Red Scot said...

Ha ha ha, coastal Alaska...I'll become a Canuck before moving that far west!