26 October 2007

Quick Weather Update

We had another light frost on A.D. 2007 October 25, Thursday. It was about 2 degrees Celsius when I checked the thermometer at 06:00 - tied for the second coldest morning this autumn. I was surprised to see that my windshield was covered in frost, because it hadn't iced over on either of the other two mornings that it was near freezing.

Though it was warmer than "normal" the past week, it was much cooler than it had been. Highs averaged 2 to 5 degrees Celsius above normal instead of 5 to 10.

We're (finally!) supposed to get a hard frost (0 degrees C.) next Monday morning. Right now, the weathermen are forecasting lows around 0. On our farm, the standard deviation is to subtract another 2 degrees from the forecast temperature. With that said, I'm hoping that I awake to a world of white on Monday!

If we don't get a hard frost before Monday, it will be the latest first frost ever recorded, "beating" A.D. 2005 by a day.


threecollie said...

We finally got a humdinger of a frost last night....not to mention howling winds that blew a downstairs door open. I suspect that I can finally stop picking tomatoes now. lol

the Red Scot said...

We had a decent frost last night (Sunday night) - enough to kill the tomatoes anyway. Ironically, we had snow flurries during the day on Sunday. It's the second time in three years that we've had snow flurries before a hard frost - go figure!