19 October 2007

Quick Post

Another week flies by.

The weather has been awfully warm around here. The past few days have been between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. The weathermen tell us that it will be cooler next week, and I hope they're right. We haven't been below 7 or 8 degrees since we had that light frost last weekend. The next sub-5 degree weather is forecast to arrive sometime in the middle of next week. We continue to inch closer to that "latest ever first frost (0 degrees)" date of October 28. I think 2007 will give it a run for its money.

In other news, the autumn foliage of New York's Southern Tier exploded in the past two days. It was amazing, because the trees were only about 40 percent turned on Wednesday. What's more interesting is that the colors seemed muted mid-week, but, this afternoon, I saw hillsides as bright and colorful as I have ever seen anywhere.

The foliage in the Finger Lakes is still unimpressive. I'm not sure if it will pan out this year, because most of the trees that are changing are turning a burnt orange or brown. The next week should show whether we'll continue to underachieve or put on our own display.

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kate said...

I am impressed that you don't have any frost yet. It seems as if we've been hit several times and most of the trees have been leafless for quite a while now.

Interspersed with the frost has been some warm and sunny weather. Tomorrow is supposed to be 24c - although it has been about 11 to 14c for the past week or so. I'm planning to plant bulbs tomorrow!

Thanks for your kind words about my blog a few posts down ... your blog has a great name! And Go Sabres Go (although my son had better not see that or he'd disown me - he's a diehard Canadiens fan)!