14 October 2007

Oh, what a beautiful morning...

We had our coldest morning of the season on October 13. I got up at the crack of dawn to see if we had received a good frost. Though it had been right at 1º C. (34º F.) the previous evening, it was a little warmer than that by morning (35º F.). Consequently, we avoided a hard frost, but we did have our second light frost of the season (almost a month apart!).

I decided to take a walk up the hill to search for patches of white. At the same time, I wanted to get some pictures of the sunrise across Seneca Lake. On cold mornings in autumn and early winter, the warm lake water produces a bank of clouds overnight. It's a beautiful sight, but one that I had never photographed!

Here's a view looking east across Seneca Lake. I'm standing at the edge of the woods and a large wheat field.

After taking a few pictures of the sunrise, I found a decent patch of frost in a small hayfield near the highest elevation on the farm.

As I returned to the farmhouse, I took a few more pictures of the lake clouds, with my pup in the foreground!

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